Gert Janssenswillen


I’m Gert Janssenswillen, Ph.D student at Hasselt University.

In both my research and teaching activities, my main focus is on the analysis of data and processes. In order to be competitive, business processes should be monitored and streamlined. My goal is to help business users get truthful and actionable insights from the abundance of data they have available. On my website, you’ll find more information about my research and teaching, as well as personal interest. Feel free to look around!

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obtained a Master of Business and Information Systems Engineering at Hasselt University. Currently, I'm a PhD student at the Business Informatics research group at Hasselt University, where my focus lies in the field of business process management. In particular, my main interest goes to the quality measurement of discovered process models. My research has been presented at international conferences such as BPM and useR. Through the creation of R-packages such as edeaR, petrinetR and bupaR, I try to put forth several efforts to enable process analysis using R - an increasingly popular environment for data science. My affection for R also emerges from my teaching activities, where I give lectures on explorative and descriptive data analysis for students of Business Engineering.